Case Study (Eason and Tambornini, A Law Corporation)

Learn how Eason and Tambornini, A Law Corporation increased their web traffic by 1,145.98%, jumped to page one of Google for seven practice areas, and averaged 40 new cases per week. ALL in 18 short months!

Eason and Tambornini, A Law Corporation, has been a client of DMS Branding for close to two years. Located in downtown Sacramento, their law firm specializes in seven key practice areas – Bankruptcy, Business, Labor Law, Personal Injury, Real Estate, Social Security, and Worker’s Compensation.

When they first approached us, they had one goal…be listed on page one of Google in all seven key practice areas. While not one to shy away from a challenge, DMS Branding began the process of transforming this law firm into one of the most visible, trusted, and sought after law firms in the Sacramento metropolitan area.

“Gino is absolutely amazing! He promised me I’d have a few keywords on page one in six months. He got virtually all of them on page one within three months! If you want SEO work done right, he is the guy to do it. No “black-hat” or funny business, just straightforward honest SEO the way Google wants it. I can’t recommend enough!”

Eason and Tambornini, A Law Corporation

The Problem

In the eyes of Google’s search engine result pages, Eason & Tambornini was virtually an unknown law firm in Sacramento. Their business name did not show up in a Google searches any of their seven practice areas. To remedy the problem, they tried conducting their own SEO campaign. In an effort to gain local presence and exposure, their staff started creating listings across the Internet. Because the information wasn’t consistent, Google actually penalized them. Their staff became overwhelmed when they realized how much work was involved in creating a successful SEO campaign.

The Plan

Frustrated and exhausted, they approached DMS Branding for help. We did an initial analysis to determine the course of action.

In our analysis, we discovered:

  • Their website architecture wasn’t sound and lacked the comprehensive content needed to run an extensive Local SEO Campaign.
  • Their contact information (Name, Address, and Phone) wasn’t consistent across the Internet (LinkedIn, Yelp, Facebook, Google+, etc.)
  • They attempted to “improve local rankings” by creating linking schemes which over time, caused more harm than good.
  • They did not have a process of cultivating testimonial from clients on the Internet.

The Implementation Process

Working closely with the key principles of the law firm, we started implementing changes and increasing visibility. Several key steps were taken during this process.

  • We cleaned up the business citations (Name, Address, Phone listings) across the Internet.
  • We created a new comprehensive website architecture targeting each of the seven practice areas.
  • We redesigned the firm’s website.
  • We created industry-related links across the Internet that pointed back to the website.
  • We encouraged their clients to leave reviews on Google and Yelp.
  • We started a blog.
  • We established a social media presence for the firm.

The key to the implementation process was generating and organizing content across the website and across the Internet. We needed to prove, in words, that Eason & Tambornini were industry experts in all seven of their practice areas. We basically created a “knowledge graph” so Google would be able to determine their level of expertise in those seven practice areas.

The Results

We started seeing results immediately. Website traffic increased in 60 days with several practice areas showing up on page one of Google’s search engine result page and in 18 months, they experienced a 1,145.98% increase in traffic from Google searches. Most importantly, they accomplished their original goal. Eason & Tambornini were one page one of Google in all seven practice areas!

The Reaction

With increased exposure came more clients! Eason & Tambornini were so inundated with new inquiries; they hired someone to just screen incoming calls. They also hired an additional lawyer to serve their new clients.

Eason & Tambornini are thrilled with their law firm’s success and how DMS Branding came up beside them to help create a company image that accurately told their story and effectively broadcasted their name across the Internet. If your business is struggling with their online presence and frustrated with Internet visibility, we would love to help you.

Contact DMS Branding today and you’ll be one step closer to page one of Google!