We’ll grab your viewer’s attention, entertain them, and inform them. It will be memorable!

The process of producing a video for your company’s website

Consumers are becoming more accustomed to fast pace marketing and video is an essential tool to add to your website. A well-designed 1-2 minute video will grab the viewer’s attention, entertain and inform them, and most of all, be memorable.

In order to provide you with the highest quality video services, we have teamed up with Jim Foust Media Design. Jim has developed and produced over 100 advertisements and educational videos for businesses. The process for creating a video involves talking with you to learn about your target market, your message, what makes your company or product different, and how we can help get your potential clients to take action. To help tell your story, we use an interview style Q & A format. We encourage clients to include testimonials from loyal customers as well – combining interviews with footage of your business creates a very effective promotional video. 

Simple and Effective – Once we’ve scheduled your shoot time and location, you’ll receive easy to understand instructions on how to prepare. You can also speak directly with your filmmaker if you have any additional questions. It’s not necessary to memorize a script. We use a Q&A interview style so you come across sincere and believable.

Your Time Is Valuable – Your video will be filmed within a two-hour window. We will record owner and/or employee interviews so you can showcase what separates your business from your competition. Invite your loyal customers to provide testimonials to further enhance your message. Combining your interviews with footage of your business in action creates the foundation for a great promotional video.

Going Live – Before your video is finalized, you will receive a link to preview it for changes or approval. Videos incorporate search engine friendly key words to help people find you.